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Provide your network the ability to operate at peak performance.

When a company uses technology, they need their workstations to be operational along with their servers – if they have them. The components of a server are similar to a desktop computer, but they are sturdier, have larger memory capacity, and are designed to handle more exhausting jobs.  In most cases their storage drives are also faster than a standard desktop and are always in motion.


Workstation and server maintenance is a straightforward technology service used to ensure that a company’s workstation and servers are updated and running. This is immensely important for businesses because it safeguards against interruptions, outages, and the loss of data, all while guaranteeing that their computer network is operating at its optimum. Continuous, long-term maintenance is the key to avoiding network failures, as well as assuring that the servers and workstation are running as expected.

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Our server maintenance involves constant monitoring and continuously analyzing how the server is functioning. This way, if anything happens to the server, you will know right away and be able to quickly fix the problem before it affects your work.  These are part of pre-emptive measures.

With Unimaxx, you are essentially hiring a team of IT professionals to be responsible for the upkeep of your servers. Taking proper care of your servers will increase their life spans while saving you time and money and ensure that your staff are productive.

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Both workstations and servers need to be examined, fixed, patched for security updates and bug fixes frequently. Most people may go to the doctor once or twice a year, but servers need constant attention.

  • Regular backups are being maintained and can be used to recover from lost, damaged, or corrupted data
  • Software updates and security patches
  • Security review
  • Hardware errors
  • Performance monitoring
  • System memory monitoring.
  • Temperature checks
  • Anti-virus updates and protection review



Every company that uses computers and servers should have a workstation and server maintenance plan. This is because it provides a pre-emptive measure for your business if an issue were to arise, through continuous server monitoring and analysis. If anything were to happen to your server, Unimaxx would know right away and be able to repair the problem before it affects your work. It is important to recognize to run a healthy business, workstation and server maintenance requires both virtual and physical care.

Unimaxx links companies with telecom and data solutions to achieve their business success. With a range of well proven solutions operating in the market, we can provide the right data network solution to meet your needs, whether you need access for a business application, Terminal Services, sharing files, video conferencing, or connecting IP phone systems.



Rent our techs by the hour, day or project if you need to have someone with a diverse background in telecom, data, or protocols we can create the right mix of talent to provide you with a complete solution. We have techs certified and experienced in Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Nortel, Sonicwall, C++, .NET, and other programming languages. One of our strengths is the ability to leverage a team of high qualified field technicians all across Canada.