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Onsite break/fix support is an IT service that is required only when a technology issue arises. This service is reactive as opposed to proactive; an IT technician gets sent to an onsite location to investigate and determine the issue and will provide a remedy at the site. Common IT solutions provided are upgrades, repairs, as well as systems, network, and software installations.


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Here at Unimaxx, solving our client’s IT problems in an affordable and timely manner is of utmost importance to us. We provide flexible, professional service to ensure we can troubleshoot and resolve your IT issues promptly while working seamlessly alongside your business. Our technicians have the education and experience to ensure that all your IT needs are met onsite, as well as remotely if required. We are always just one call away, and we will have an IT tech onsite as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Onsite Break/fix Support?

The benefit of onsite break/fix support is that it is cost-effective; the customer only pays for the necessary IT solution when they need it. The fee-for-service model is extremely affordable, avoiding complications that can come with contracts or any additional fees.

This model of IT support is great for businesses that value simplicity because the transactional nature of break/fix support is extremely straightforward. It allows clients to exercise control over their company, as they possess the authority to dictate the extent of access external parties have when it comes to their networks.

Unimaxx links companies with telecom and data solutions to achieve their business success. With a range of well proven solutions operating in the market, we can provide the right data network solution to meet your needs, whether you need access for a business application, Terminal Services, sharing files, video conferencing, or connecting IP phone systems.



Rent our techs by the hour, day or project if you need to have someone with a diverse background in telecom, data, or protocols we can create the right mix of talent to provide you with a complete solution. We have techs certified and experienced in Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Nortel, Sonicwall, C++, .NET, and other programming languages. One of our strengths is the ability to leverage a team of high qualified field technicians all across Canada.