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IT consulting services are intended to advise clients in order to aid them in solving their IT problems and help them evaluate various technology strategies. An IT consultant is an educated individual who has skilled expertise in IT and systems that businesses are able to use to benefit their company. Through using an IT consultant, businesses get assistance on how to maximize information technology to achieve their business goals or troubleshoot issues they are having.

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Here at Unimaxx, we offer professional and reliable IT consulting to ensure our clients’ needs are fully satisfied. We guarantee that our consultants will work in conjunction with you to fully appreciate the IT concerns you have, within the context of your company. It is our goal to provide prompt, exceptional, and innovative service to our clients. We are dedicated to finding the perfect technology solution(s) to fit your business. Please contact Unimaxx today to begin a long-term relationship with a joint partner. 

The experience and knowledge IT professionals possess are extremely specialized; therefore, often they are able to solve technical issues quickly and efficiently. In addition, they can provide a pair of fresh eyes that can offer insight that only a person external to the company can provide. 

 IT consulting will save your business money in the long term. This is because technicians are available whenever you require them, but you do not incur charges when their assistance is not needed.

Unimaxx links companies with telecom and data solutions to achieve their business success. With a range of well proven solutions operating in the market, we can provide the right data network solution to meet your needs, whether you need access for a business application, Terminal Services, sharing files, video conferencing, or connecting IP phone systems.



Rent our techs by the hour, day or project if you need to have someone with a diverse background in telecom, data, or protocols we can create the right mix of talent to provide you with a complete solution. We have techs certified and experienced in Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Nortel, Sonicwall, C++, .NET, and other programming languages. One of our strengths is the ability to leverage a team of high qualified field technicians all across Canada.