Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)


Keep an eye on your computer & network health. 

What Is Remote Monitoring & Management?

RMM provides for proactive, remote tracking of network and computer health.  These tools gather information about the applications and hardware of the device they are installed on.  Reports provide for system usage/reliability reporting.  Monitor and diagnose health issues includes identifying outdated assets, current status of various triggers/events.

How can your business benefit? In the following ways: 

  • Businesses are able to access the same tools as enterprise-level IT support services.
  • Networks are proactively managed including automation and monitoring.
  • Updates and patching is controlled.
  • Technical support issues are detected in advance of them becoming major plus avoid system failure.
  • Companies benefit from less onsite visits from technical support staff.
  • Companies also experience greater uptime.

How Does Unimaxx Use RMM?

Monitoring of your system is handled by our team of technicians. Our technicians will use the information being sent from your devices to monitor the condition of your network, report on potential issues and, remotely resolve IT issues on your behalf with little interruption to an employees’ workday. 

Unimaxx links companies with telecom and data solutions to achieve their business success. With a range of well proven solutions operating in the market, we can provide the right data network solution to meet your needs, whether you need access for a business application, Terminal Services, sharing files, video conferencing, or connecting IP phone systems.


Rent our techs by the hour, day or project if you need to have someone with a diverse background in telecom, data, or protocols we can create the right mix of talent to provide you with a complete solution. We have techs certified and experienced in Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Nortel, Sonicwall, C++, .NET, and other programming languages. One of our strengths is the ability to leverage a team of highly qualified field technicians all across Canada.


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