Everyone is talking about VOIP. Why? Advanced new features can change the way you do business and actually make you more competitive.

Here are some examples:

  • Find Me / Follow Me
    You can decide how your contacts reach you, ensuring that key contacts stay in touch. With sequential ring, incoming calls ring to a primary phone and up to five additional phones, one after another. Simultaneous ring makes incoming calls ring to multiple phones at the same time—for example, a primary phone and a cell phone. You choose which device to answer.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
    A plug-in allows you to access all of the VoIP features directly from Outlook. The toolbar integrates with Outlook contacts, making it easy to search for a number and click-to-dial.
  • Voicemail as Email
    This feature allows you to receive voicemail messages as email attachments and reply back directly through the system. Respond faster, improve workflow, and keep audio message files indefinitely.
  • Mobile Office
    You can place calls from any phone as if you were in the office, avoiding long distance fees and hotel calling surcharges. On caller ID, calls appear to come from the main office.

Lower and simplify your phone and Internet expenses

  • Hosted PBX
    No capital expenditure and long-term maintenance costs of having a PBX at your location. Plus you are able to use your phone outside of your workplace.
  • Manageable Start-Up Costs
    For most businesses, phones and communications represent a huge part of their start[-up costs. The IP phones cost less than traditional phone systems. Plus, you get greater value from your broadband connectivity by using it for both voice and data.
  • Long Distance Savings
    Select plans based on your needs. Billing is in six second increments.
  • One Provider
    Unimaxx saves your business time and money by bringing together local and long distance phone service, PBX functionality, broadband connectivity, and conferencing. Enjoy one predictable, easy-to-manage bill and one contact for all your questions.

Stay Connected

  • Flexible Control
    Manage the system from any location through an easy-to-use web interface. User permissions can be set and modified as necessary to ensure appropriate role-based access to conference calling capabilities and features.
  • Portability
    You can make Voice over IP calls from anywhere with the Remote Office function or a ‘soft' phone on a laptop. Calls will appear on Caller ID as if they were made from the office.
  • Operational Continuity
    As a hosted solution outside of your location this system offers redundancy and continuity that no premises-based system can deliver. In case of line failure or natural disaster, all calls can be rerouted in minutes and callers will never get a busy signal. Employees can work from any location and multiple offices can stay connected.

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